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Equifax is a leading provider of consumer credit reports and credit monitoring services, as well as a number of services and reporting for companies and subscribers. Equifax promotion codes updated for 2013.

About Equifax

It's important to monitor your credit for a number of reasons, and you should know what all three major credit bureaus say about you.

For a complete view, choose the Equifax Complete option. You'll get to see a clear picture of all your credit reports in one easy view, plus anytime access to your Equifax credit score.

Ready to pay off your debt early?

Use Equifax's DebtWise to chart your progress. Use the score simulator and see how potential changes to your accounts will affect your score.

Equifax is the leader of online tools to monitor your credit report and help detect and prevent identity theft.

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Can an Equifax Credit Report Really Help You Save On A Loan?

When you are attempting to improve your credit, the question that most often comes up is how to establish or improve your credit history. By reviewing your credit report you can target areas for improving your credit score, which means you'll pay less interest on a loan. Over the years, the savings could be substantial.

While there are several different factors and types of credit reported to the top reporting agencies - Experian, TransUnion and Equifax - the item that most affects your credit report is how you use credit cards. According to a recent study late last year, your credit history is most heavily influenced by the number and types of credit cards you have and how you use them.

All of the top credit bureaus has several hundred million customer credit files. Creditors generally send electronic updates to the agencies about one a month or so. This information includes your balances, your payment amounts, and how timely you make those payments.

These records are applied to your credit report, so that potential lenders can consider how much of a lending risk you might be.

In addition to credit card companies, other financial data about you is also periodically updated. Some of the other reporting institutions include banks, utility companies, retail store credit cards, home mortgages and car loans.

How To Improve Bad Credit

First things first. You need top get a credit report that covers all three reporting agencies. Tip: you can sell all three in a consolidated report from Equifax, appropriately named the 3-in-1 Report. Check here for more information on an equifax promotional code - 2013 should bring some updated offers from all of the reporting agencies.

Why? Because many of us start paying closer attention at the beginning of the year once those Christmas bills come in and the tax man starts to loom ahead.

Once you have a clear picture of where you stand and what your current credit score is, you can begin to make improvements. The best thing you can do to start improving is to pay down credit card debt.

Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to do this, but it's completely worth it. How much could you save by bringing lunch from home rather than dining out at lunch everyday? How much could you save every week by giving up cable TV for a year? It's not as bad as it seems. Get an $8 a month account on Netflix and you'll be fine.

Get Your Credit Report

The study reported that only 1 in 5 people will check their credit report this year. That's crazy. Don't you want to know what your report says about you? What if your credit report contains an error? How would you ever know if you don't check?

Knowing what's on your report is essential if you want get a car loan, buy a home, or even get cell phone credit. Your credit score has a huge impact on how much you'll pay for anything on credit.

Fraud and Identity Theft

A major issue that we should all bec concerned with these days is identity theft. Keeping a close eye on your credit reporting will prevent these issues. Equifax has several products that allow you to set up alerts - to prevent any sort of fraud from occurring in the first place.

You should also know that nowadays you can freeze your credit report, and only allow inquiries by those you approve to see your credit. Check with your individual state - in some cases there is a fee associated with a freeze.

Regardless of your goals, get your credit report. There is simply no better place to start when it comes to improving your credit and saving on loan or credit card debt.

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